Уже уходишь?

А у нас еще много всякого интересного!

А ты уже пробовал наш СУПЕР-поиск на форуме ?

Находит все!

Или напиши админу и он тебе поможет обязательно!


Why I don't see links or How to see hidden links? (Eng)


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Hello to all!
The forum introduced new restrictions on the visibility of links. Now you can see links in several ways.

1) FREE: all who have at least 50 messages and 10 likes, automatically switch to the “Verificated” group.
1.1 Also free: the affiliate program Dumpz.ws - your passive income (40% of the income of the forum).
1.2 Another free way: if you find few tech bugs on the forum.
1.3 Become a referral: you need to register with any service and make an order / payment.
Beget is an excellent, inexpensive and convenient hosting.
This is the easiest way, you buy the service you need and get a bonus for checking the service. After making the order, write to me.

2) PAID: for those who have not reached the specified number of messages and likes.
It is fair that those who contribute to the life of the forum and benefit the whole community see the links.
And those who come to the forum only to accept, without creating useful content for the community, participate in the life of the community with a small financial contribution to supporting the work of the forum.

Payment options

How to check how many messages I have?
Go to the main page and look at the right side of the page.

Paid method
Suitable for those who do not want to write useless messages (and run into a ban), typing messages and get sympathies from other users. For those wants to be able to download immediately.

Or you can get premium access instantly.

You can do this automatically by clicking on the "Buy Premium" button.

After that, you will be taken to the payment selection page.
You need the "Verification" window.


Click on "Choose a payment method" (1).
In the drop-down box, select the appropriate payment method (2).
Click "Purchase" (3).


After that, you will be taken to the interface of the selected payment system.
After payment, the status will automatically change and links will become available to you. If this does not happen, refresh the page (F5) or (Ctrl + R).
If after this did not happen, write me a personal message.






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