Why I don't see links or How to see hidden links? (Eng)


20 Ноя 2003
Dear colleagues - the policy of our forum is built in such a way that if you want to take something on the forum, then you must necessarily give something to the forum. Give no matter what, some interesting material, book, advice, knowledge or share any program, if you do not have any of the described, it's okay, we are happy to all, then you can give the forum just your participation and your activity, just post a few interesting comments on the topics discussed, participate in discussions and you will be able to fully use all the functionality of our forum.
ATTENTION-absolutely all materials on the forum, any user can get absolutely free!
And of course we will be happy to provide any financial assistance to our forum! After all, we spend a lot of money to maintain the forum and to make it even more interesting for you.

So how do I see and open links on the forum?

First of all, you need to REGISTER - it only takes a minute, you can just log in via social networks. After registration, you will see more information in the themes.

Then you have two options to see the links and download what you need.

1) FREEКак увидеть ссылки? | How to see hidden links?option: Log in to the "Local" group - this user sees all the links, it can also download materials in the section "Resources".

2) PLATE Option: for those who for some reason do not want to be active in the forum, and perhaps even consciously wants to financially help the forum. Such people from our forum low bow! Your money helps us a lot!

It is fair to say that those who contribute to the forum and benefit the whole community can see the links.
And those who come to the forum only to take, without creating content useful to the rest of the community, participate in community life with a small financial contribution to support the work of the forum.

Payment options
Как увидеть ссылки? | How to see hidden links?

How to check how many messages I have?

Go to the main page and look at the right side of the page.

Как увидеть ссылки? | How to see hidden links?

Paid method
Suitable for those who do not want to write useless messages (and run into a ban), typing messages and get sympathies from other users. For those wants to be able to download immediately.

Or you can get premium access instantly.

1. You can do this automatically by clicking on the "Buy Premium" button.

Как увидеть ссылки? | How to see hidden links?

2. Then choose how long you want to buy - "Premium",

Как увидеть ссылки? | How to see hidden links?

3. Choose a payment system

Как увидеть ссылки? | How to see hidden links?

For example - Free Kassa

Как увидеть ссылки? | How to see hidden links?

Pay by any method convenient for you

Как увидеть ссылки? | How to see hidden links?

Now you have the status of "Premium"!
Congratulations ;)

After the payment, the status will automatically change and the links will be available to you. If this does not happen, please refresh the page (F5) or (Ctrl+R).
If it does not happen after that - write to GuDron administrator a personal message with the amount and method of payment. And you will be updated your status - manually.

If you can't pay in automatic mode - write to the GuDron administrator a personal message, specifying the method of payment that is convenient for you.
The administrator will reply to you and give you the details for direct payment.

If all this seems unfair to you - then remember that the forum exists since 2004, never once during this time did not introduce a payment system, although it has long been commonplace in the network.
Pay attention that on a forum as there is no advertising as it is made in other places. nevertheless the forum was supported at the expense of means of the administrator and not one year and not two, and already count decades!
No one from the community does not require to carry money, there are always free opportunities to go to the group of active forum members and see all the links, just benefit the forum, writeКак увидеть ссылки? | How to see hidden links?useful messages. And the forum will benefit you.