Why I don't see links or How to see hidden links? (Eng)


20 Ноя 2003
Dear colleagues, the policy of our forum is structured in such a way that if you want to take something on the forum, you must definitely give something to the forum. Give, no matter what, some interesting material, a book, advice, knowledge or share some program, if you don't have any of the described, then everything is fine, we are happy for everyone, then you can just give the forum your participation and your activity, just leave some interesting comments on the topics discussed, participate in discussions and you will be able to fully use all the functionality of our forum.

ATTENTION - absolutely all materials on the forum can be obtained by any user absolutely free of charge!
And of course, we will be happy to provide any financial assistance to our forum! After all, we spend a lot of money to maintain the work of the forum and to make it even more interesting for you.

And so how do I see and open the links on the forum?
First of all, you need to REGISTER
- it will only take a minute, you can just log in via social networks. After registration, you will see additional information in the sections.

Then you have two options to view the links and download what you need.

1) A very simple and completely FREE option: Log in to a "Local" group - in order to get this status, you need to create at least 3 useful messages. These users see all the links, as well as materials from the "Resources" section and can log in to get acquainted with the material.

2) Another option is PAID-getting the "Premium" status. This option is suitable for those who for some reason do not want to be active on the forum, and maybe even consciously helps the forum!. To such people from our community, I bow low and thank you very much! Your money helps us a lot!

It is quite fair that those who contribute to the life of the forum and benefit the entire community-see the links, and those who do not participate in the life of the community (neither in business nor financially) - do not see.

Paid method or how to get the status - "Premium"?

On the main page, at the top you can see the banner:

Clicking on it will take you to the payment page

On the payment page, you can choose the payment option available today: for a month or for a year.

ATTENTION - before paying for the status upgrade to "Premium", the user should understand that the administration is not responsible for the fact that the link to the material is posted on DUMPz forum.ws it's "live" or not.

On average, links live for six months. And if you are interested in a link in a very old and not updated topic for a long time, then there is no guarantee that the link will work.

At the same time, the user can always contact the author of the topic with a request to update or re-upload the link to the topic of interest.

If the user did not find the link he needed or the link turned out to be "not alive", claims to the forum administration are not accepted.

After that, you will get to the interface of the selected payment system and make a payment for the status update, the status will automatically change to "Premium" and all links will become available to you.

ATTENTION! Due to the change in the financial policy of PayPal, automatic payments through this system on our resource no longer work, for automatic payment, we ask you to use other services, such as: Free kassa, WebMoney, ЮMoney (Yandex money), ENOT, PAYEER
If you still want to make a payment via PayPal, then write a personal message to the administrator - GuDron with a request to make your payment via PayPal in manual mode.


If the status has not changed to "Premium" - refresh the page (F5) or (Ctrl+R).
If this has not changed after that, write a personal message to the administrator - GuDron indicating the amount, method and time of payment. And you will be updated with your status - in manual mode.

additional information
If you are unable to pay automatically or there are other problems with payment, write a personal message to the administrator - GuDron, indicating which way it is convenient for you to pay.
The administrator will respond in person and give details for direct payment.

If all of the above seems unfair to you, then remember that our forum has existed since 2004 and has never introduced a payment system during this time, although it has long been commonplace in other forums and communities.
Please also note that there is no intrusive advertising on the forum, as it is done in other places. We do not place ads and a bunch of pop-ups consciously so that community members do not have "ripples in their eyes". At the moment, the forum is supported only by the personal funds of the administrator, as well as funds coming from people buying the "Premium" status or friends helping the forum financially, our donors.

We draw your attention to the fact that no one ever requires community members to carry money, there are always completely free opportunities to go to a group of active forum members and see all the links!

If you have no desire to help the forum financially, then benefit the forum with your activity And the forum will benefit you.
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