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Scientific Toolworks Understand
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Scientific Toolworks Understand is a static analytics tool for managing, measuring, and analyzing programming abilities.

This tool is able to measure many metrics and provide you with various charts of clear information about different code indices.

For example, the number of classes, the number of project files, the number of methods, the number of lines, the empty lines, the comments, the dead codes, the rate of comments on the code, the cyclical complexity and the amount of code collusion, the degree of dependence of the classes together, the percentage of the coincidence of the code, Number of program execution paths, inheritance status, weight of methods relative to the class, and many other metrics can be measured.

The information provided with the regular charts and tables gives you a comprehensive overview of the status of the code.

For example, the program's implementation paths, inheritances, dependencies are plotted with clear charts, which can be seen by measuring the complexity of the program and the ability to maintain it. It also provides a comprehensive range of reports and can be easily searched among millions of high-speed lines of code.

There are also various tests to test the software engineering standards in this program, which you can use to understand the standard of your codes. This tool was originally designed for the Ada language, but could be used over time for most programming languages.

It should be noted that users of the Alicks can integrate this tool with the IDE environment and enjoy the benefits without having to leave the coding environment.

Features and Features of Scientific Toolworks Understand:
  • Simple graphical environment and easy operation
  • Possibility to measure various types of metrics in software engineering
  • Compatible with a variety of programming codes
  • The ability to quickly search within a large amount of code
  • Possibility to integrate with the Eclipse environment
  • Draw diagrams and flowcharts from the code
Code Knowledge
  • Understand provides you with pertinent information regarding your code. Quickly see all information on functions, classes, variables, etc., how they are used, called, modified, and interacted with. Easily see call trees, metrics, references and any other information you would want to know about your code.
Metrics & Reports
  • Understand is very efficient at collecting metrics about the code and providing different ways for you to view it. There is a substantial collection of standard metrics quickly available as well as options for writing your own custom metrics when we don't cover exactly what you need.
  • Understand offers graphs that allow you to see how your code connects (dependencies), how it flows (control flow graphs), what functions call other functions (call graphs), and many more. There are many customization options to easily allow you to display only what you are interested in seeing so the graph is best suited to what you need.
Standards Testing
  • Understand provides a way to check your code using published coding standards, or your own custom standards. These checks can be used to verify naming guidelines, metric requirements, published best practices, or any other rules or conventions that are important for your team.
Dependency Analysis
  • See all the dependencies in your code and how they connect. See these dependencies using Understand's interactive graph or using the textual Dependency Browser. Both allow you to see all dependencies quickly and easily at a high level or dig in and get the details.
  • Understand's powerful editor is a full modern programming GUI that incorporates all the modern features you would expect. It is designed from the ground-up for multi-monitor use and it includes tabs, tab groups, docking, syntax colorization, auto-completion, and syntax-based collapsing and folding just to name a few.
  • Multiple options are available for searching in Understand. For instant results, use our "Instant Search" feature which provides results before you are even done typing. Understand also provides search options for more customized and complicated searches, such as Regular Expression and Wildcard searches.
  • Understand supports more than a dozen languages and can handle code bases that are written in multiple languages. This allows you to see calls and dependencies between languages so you can get information about the complete system.
Operating System:
  • Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10
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