Josh Skeen, David Greenhalgh - Kotlin Programming [ENG]

28 Янв 2020
Год издания: 2018
Автор: Josh Skeen, David Greenhalgh
Жанр или тематика: Kotlin
Издательство: Big Nerd Ranch Guides
ISBN: 978-0135161630
Серия: Big Nerd Ranch Guides
Язык: Английский
Формат: EPUB
Качество: Издательский макет или текст (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Да
Количество страниц: 384

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language designed to interoperate with Java and fully supported by Google on the Android operating system.
Based on Big Nerd Ranch’s popular Kotlin Essentials course, this guide shows you how to work effectively with the Kotlin programming language through hands-on examples and clear explanations of key Kotlin concepts and foundational APIs. Written for Kotlin 1.2, this book will also introduce you to JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA development environment.
What you’ll learn
1. Understand Java and Kotlin interoperability and how you can introduce Kotlin to legacy Android applications to begin upgrading your codebase.
2. Reduce repetitive code by leveraging inheritance and Kotlin extensions that allow you to fundamentally change the way you design Android apps.
3. Understand how to work practically with Kotlin’s functional programming features to streamline traditionally imperative logic flows.
Whether you are an experienced Android developer looking for modern features beyond what Java offers or a new developer ready to learn your first programming language, the authors will guide you from first principles to advanced usage of Kotlin. By the end of this book, you will be empowered to create reliable, concise applications in Kotlin.

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