DiskGenius Professional Portable


8 Сен 2009
DiskGenius Professional + Portable

DiskGenius is full-featured partition manager, which is designed to optimize disk usage for Windows users. It allows you to resize, extend, split, create, delete, format, hide, copy and erase partition to maximize disk space use.

  • Resize / Split Partition: Safely and easily change existing partition size or divide a partition into two smaller ones without losing any data.
  • Quick Partition: One-click partition a hard drive. It's very convenient to partition a new hard drive or repartition disk that contains partitions already.
  • Complete Wipe Partition: Permanently erase existing and deleted data in partition so that files cannot be recovered by any method well protecting sensitive data.
  • Create / Format Partition: DiskGenius can help you create and format partition with desired filesystem format. It supports NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, FAT16, FAT12, EXT2, EXT3 and EXT4 file systems.
  • Create WinPE Bootable Disk: Create a WinPE bootable disk and you can manage disk partition when system crashes or there is no operating system on your computer.
Homepage: Ссылка скрыта / Hidden link | Почему? | Why? | Повышение/Upgrade

DiskGenius Professional + Portable
Ссылка скрыта / Hidden link | Почему? | Why? | Повышение/Upgrade

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