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5 Май 2008
ApexSQL Universal (Log, Diff, Restore, Recover, Monitor, Clean, Doc, Trigger)
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ApexSQL is a leading company in the field of Microsoft SQL Server. ApexSQL products help SQL Server developers and DBAs simply perform complex tasks. ApexSQL Universal is the most complete product of this company and includes all the tools. In the following, we will examine some of the various tools available in this product;

Some tools including the ApexSQL Universal suite:
  • ApexSQL Log:
    • Read the SQL transaction log for statutory audits and rollback of unintentional or malicious changes
    • Audit data, skyscraper and license changes in SQL Server databases
    • Obtain meaningful, deep-seated access to SQL Server transaction logs
    • Rearranging database changes and recovering lost or damaged data
    • Legislative review to determine who, what and when
  • ApexSQL Diff:
    • Compare SQL Server Skins
    • Compare and synchronize SQL Server database skeins
    • Compare databases, backups, scanners, snapshots and scripts
    • Database migration automatically and timed
    • Direct database usage to / from source control
  • ApexSQL Restore:
    • Recover database backups
    • Save time and space by recovering SQL Server database backups and transaction log files
    • Work with SQL backups just like live databases
    • Transfer backups to a specific time point
    • Improve the speed of SQL database recovery
    • Direct access to data and objects from backups
  • ApexSQL Recover:
    • Returns data that is lost, lost or lost, as well as recovery of lost data due to the use of DELETE, TRUNCATE and DROP commands.
    • Retrieve BLOB data such as files
    • Retrieve data from a broken SQL database or detachable MDFs
    • Extract data from database backups without restoring them
  • ApexSQL Monitor:
    • Advanced SQL Monitoring
    • Control, identify and solve SQL Server performance issues and problems
    • Monitor multiple SQL Server instances
    • See system performance criteria
    • Examining issues and performance impacts
    • Use a complete and comprehensive dashboard to view metrics
  • ApexSQL Clean:
    • Remove unused items
    • View database dependencies and analyze the effects of scheduled changes
    • Examining the effect of potential changes and deletions
    • View and analyze the dependencies of SQL database objects
    • Remove unwanted objects that are not risky
    • Mapping affinities to the table column level
  • ApexSQL Doc:
    • Documentation of the SQL database
    • Writing SQL Server database and SSIS packages
    • Generate SSIS documents and databases in the formats of CHM, HTML Word and PDF
    • Automate and schedule the documentation process
    • Use of relational diagrams in SQL database documentation
  • ApexSQL Trigger:
    • Trigger-based SQL Inspection Steps
    • Integrate complete inspection and logging steps with your client program
    • Track data changes in SQL Server
    • Capture and store all data changes in a centralized repository
    • Trusted FREE Inspection Integration in End User Applications
    • Translating inspection data into information with the ability to view and search and review
Tips for this collection:
  • This version is presented with full crack.
  • The universal version of the Universal Collection is related to its release time, and the version of each component is different.
  • The Universal Collection is usually rarely completely cracked, and the tools are usually cracked separately.
required system
  • See the software requirements and the list of tools for coordinating tools from here based on the operating system and the host software.


5 Май 2008

28 Янв 2020
ApexSql Complete 2018.05 Build 0478
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Год/Дата Выпуска: 2018
Версия: 2018.05 Build 0478
Разработчик: ApexSql
Сайт разработчика: Как увидеть ссылки? | How to see hidden links?
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблэтка: не требуется
Системные требования: Hardware: Dual Core 2.0 GHz CPU,4 GB memory,104 MB disk space
SQL Server: SQL Server 2005 and higher,Azure SQL Database,Amazon RDS for SQL Server
Add-in integration: SQL Server Management Studio 2012 and higher, Visual Studio 2010 and higher
OS: Windows 7 SP1/Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and higher
Software: .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher

Инструмент автоматически завершает операторы SQL и позволяет добавлять собственные сниппеты (сочетания клавиш для автозаполнения). Работает также в качестве расширения для SSMS или Visual Studio.
Так же позволяет посмотреть выполнявшиеся Вами запросы и выгружать результаты запросов прямо в Excel.

Главное не качайте обновления. А то может понадобиться активация. А лицензия теперь стоит 400 баксов.

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