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    News Announcing .NET 6 Preview 3

    Announcing .NET 6 Preview 3 April 8th, 2021 Today, we are delighted to release .NET 6 Preview 3. This release is dedicated almost entirely to low-level performance features. These are the types of improvements that many folks don’t necessarily always fully appreciate, but they help a lot for...
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    Component .NET Reactor

    .NET Reactor .NET Reactor is a powerful code protection and software licensing system for software written for the .NET Framework, and supports all languages that generate .NET assemblies. Its' main features are : Intellectual property protection NecroBit Protection Native Code generation...
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    Component FastReport Mono

    FastReport Mono Full-featured reporting solution for the Mono Framework Reporting and documents creation library with full sources for the Mono Framework. It can be used with Windows, Linux, macOS. FastReport Mono is a multi-platform reporting solution FastReport Mono can be used with...
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    MS Visual Studio Introducing Microsoft .NET 6

    Introducing Microsoft .NET 6 Microsoft is unveiling its road map for the next major release of .NET, along with a first preview download With the release last year of .NET 5, Microsoft switched its platform development away from the 20-year-old .NET Framework to the newer, cross-platform, open...
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    Component FastReport .NET

    FastReport .NET Full-featured reporting library for .NET 5, .NET Core, ASP.NET, MVC and Windows Forms. It can be used in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019. With FastReport .NET, you can create application-independent .NET reports. In other words, FastReport .NET can be used as a standalone...
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    Component How to make report inheritance in FastReport.Net

    How to make report inheritance in FastReport.Net January 29, 2021 by Dmitriy Fedyashov When you are tasked with creating a large number of reports within one corporate style, you face the problem of duplicating some information, design styles in each report. As a rule, public reports...
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    Component Rebex components

    Rebex components SFTP, FTP, HTTP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, EWS, SNTP, WebSocket, Mail SSH Shell and Telnet with terminal emulation SFTP and SSH server TLS 1.3 on Windows 7, 8.1, 10 ZIP and GZIP compression Supported platforms: .NET 5.0 .NET Framework 4.0, 4.5.x, 4.6.x, 4.7.x, 4.8 .NET Framework 3.5...
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    MS Visual Studio How To Install .NET Framework On Windows 10 Without An Internet Connection?

    How To Install .NET Framework On Windows 10 Without An Internet Connection? JANUARY 18, 2021 BY ANUBHAB CHAKRABORTY
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    MS Visual Studio Gnostice Document Studio .NET

    Gnostice Document Studio .NET Xamarin, WinForms, WPF & ASP.NET components to view/print/convert word, spreadsheet, HTML, PDF & image formats Copyright © Gnostice Information Technologies
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    Component QuickLogger

    QuickLogger Library for logging on files, console, memory, email, rest, eventlog, syslog, slack, telegram, redis, logstash, elasticsearch, influxdb, graylog, Sentry, Twilio, ide debug messages and throw events for Delphi/Firemonkey/freepascal/.NET (Windows/Linux/OSX/IOS/Android). Copyright ©...
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    Tool PVS-Studio

    PVS-Studio PVS-Studio is a tool for detecting bugs and security weaknesses in the source code of programs, written in C, C++, C# and Java. It works under 64-bit systems in Windows, Linux and macOS environments, and can analyze source code intended for 32-bit, 64-bit and embedded ARM platforms...
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    Crack/Patch Component Pro Ultimate Studio Suite

    Component Pro Ultimate Studio Suite 2020.Q1 v7.2.234 The cracked version of Ultimate Studio for .NET includes all the powerful Ultimate Components (Mail, SFTP, SFTP Server, FTP, ZIP, SAML, Netkit, Encryptor, Excel, Word, PDF, PDF Viewer, BounceInspector, and TemplateEngine) for .NET Framework...
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    .NET News

    Microsoft приоткроет белорусским .NET-разработчикам секреты Silverlight 3.0 Первая официальная презентация Silverlight 3.0 в Беларуси состоится на ближайшей встрече белорусского .NET-сообщества при участии компании Microsoft. 19 марта 2009 года состоится первая в Беларуси официальная...
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    Add-ons Компоненты / components .net

    Компоненты для .NET Данная тема предназначена для поиска и публикации ссылок на компоненты для .NET Framework. Все сообщения касающиеся использования компонент выносите в отдельные темы, в противном случае они будут удалены. Components for .NET This topic is for sharing and searching...
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    Microsoft выступит на встрече Белорусского .NET-сообщества с обзором IE8

    Очередная встреча белорусского сообщества .NET-разработчиков состоится 11 сентября 2008 года в Минском институте управления и войдёт в серию технических докладов от Майкрософт Украина, которые компания представит в Беларуси в сентябре. 5 сентября 2008 г., Минск, Беларусь – 11 сентября 2008...