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Joomla Revo Theme Optimizer 2.6.7

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The plugin provides the passage of Google Lighthouse tests on points:
- Preload key requests
- Ensure text remains visible during webfont load
- Image elements do not have explicit width and height
Improves performance on test point:
- Elimination of resources that block rendering

Script optimization
  • Optimize loading custom.js file
  • Developer mode to update your Custom JS/CSS files
  • Inline or defer loading `theme.js` file
  • Move to the Footer and `defer` loading theme icons file
  • Move to the Footer theme analytics file
  • Move to the Footer theme newsletter file [J3 only]
  • Move OSM scripts to the footer [Joomla 3]
  • DNS-prefetch/preconnect for Google Analytics script
  • Optimize loading jQuery (remove/defer on head/footer)
  • Disable Bootstrap.js option [Joomla 3]
  • Disable Mootools.js option [Joomla 3]
  • Disable/inline loading Joomla messages scripts [Joomla 4] [new]
  • Option to defer loading Joomla core.min.js [Joomla 4]
  • Partial IE11 support to the theme [new]
Style/CSS optimization
  • Disable/inline loading JCE columns CSS styles [new]
  • Inline loading and minify to language switcher module styles
  • Disable loadind theme.update styles
  • Inline loading and minify of custom.css file (less than 15 kb) into the page head
  • Disable loading Joomla messages scripts [Joomla 4]
  • Disable/inline loading Joomla alert styles [Joomla 4] [new]
Image optimization
  • Adds the width and height attributes to the images (if they were specified in the element settings)
  • Adds `loading="lazy"` and `decode="async"` attribute for images [new]
  • Auto preload for all logo images
  • Auto preload for boxed theme background image
  • Adjust the image quality using in-theme processing (jpg/webp/png)
Font optimization
  • Disable loading Font awesome [J4 only]
  • Clear theme fonts cache and adding `link preload` tags
  • Auto preload for custom fonts from the child theme (woff/woff2/ttf/eot)
  • For font styles, adds font-display: swap; attribute
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