Luxury - Hotel & Resorts Elementor Template Kit

WordPress Luxury - Hotel & Resorts Elementor Template Kit 2020-05-21

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Your Luxury Hotel Template Kit is finally here! Introducing Luxury Hotel, a Wordpress Elementor Template Kit created by WpBuilt designed based on a collection of 130+ inspiration websites in the industry of hotels, motels, resort, villas, and other related establishments, developed for approximately about three months.


It comes with tons of page and block templates that's more than enough to make and keep your website going! These pages and blocks include:
  • Home page
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Header Block
  • Footer Block
  • Accommodation Page
  • 404 Page
...and so much more! Luxury Hotel is deeply designed to the core to be as straightforward as possible, with most of the pages centered on minimal design and simple layout. The color scheme was chosen based on a case study to over 130 inspirational websites on the hotel industry, along with the structure, layout and overall design.
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