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Год издания: 2019
Автор: Jaworski M., Ziadé T. / Яворский М., Зиаде Т.
Размер - 90 Kb

Python is a dynamic programming language, used in a wide range of domains thanks to its
simple yet powerful nature. Although writing Python code is easy, making it readable,
reusable, and easy to maintain is challenging. Complete with best practices, useful tools,
and standards implemented by professional Python developers, the third version of Expert
Python Programming will help you overcome this challenge.
The book will start by taking you through the new features in Python 3.7. You'll learn the
Python syntax and understand how to apply advanced object-oriented concepts and
mechanisms. You'll also explore different approaches to implement metaprogramming.
This book will guide you in following best naming practices when writing packages, and
creating standalone executables easily, alongside using powerful tools such as buildout
and virtualenv to deploy code on remote servers. You'll discover how to create useful
Python extensions with C, C++, Cython, and Pyrex. Furthermore, learning about code
management tools, writing clear documentation, and test-driven development will help
you write clean code.
By the end of the book, you will have become an expert in writing efficient and
maintainable Python code.
Who this book is for
This book is written for Python developers who wish to go further in mastering Python.
And by developers, I mean mostly professionals, so programmers who write Python
software for their living. This is because it focuses mostly on tools and practices that are
crucial for creating performant, reliable, and maintainable software in Python.
It does not mean that hobbyists won't find anything interesting. This book should be great
for anyone who is interested in learning advanced-level concepts with Python. Anyone
who has basic Python skills should be able to follow the content of the book, although it
might require some additional effort from less experienced programmers. It should also be
a good introduction to Python 3.7 for those who are still a bit behind and continue to use
Python version 2.7 or older.
Finally, the groups that should benefit most from reading this book are web developers and
backend engineers. This is because of two topics featured in here that are especially
important in their areas of work: reliable code deployments and concurrency.

Jaworski M., Ziadé T. - Expert Python Programming, 3rd edition

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