Alert Improvements by Xon

Xenforo Alert Improvements by Xon 2.9.5

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  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
Дополнительные требования
php 7.0+ Standard Library by Xon
  • Per-alert 'mark read' links on each alert
  • Multi-select ability to mark alerts as read or unread.
  • Avoid unexpected marking alerts as read by browser prefetch, this may result in alerts not being marked as read as expected.
  • Supports the following add-ons:
    • Content Ratings 1.3.x
  • Global Optional, Alert summarization by selected content type or user
  • User Option to prevent marking as read when accessing /accounts/alerts page.
  • User Option to prevent summarization when accessing /accounts/alerts page.
  • User Option to adjust summarization threshold
  • Only mark alerts that are viewed on alert page/alert pop-up, not all alerts
    • If an alert was explicitly marked as unread, skip marking that alert as read.
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