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    Frogg Cafe

    Frogg Cafe - Frogg Cafe 2001/2004 Детали Исполнитель: Frogg Cafe Название альбома: Frogg Cafe [ремастированный] Жанр: Прогрессивный рок Страна: США Год: 2001/2004 Качество: lossless Кодек: flac Формат: rar [flac образ, cue, log, информация, обложки] Размер: 389,25 MB Кол-во треков: 9 Время...
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    We Insist!

    We Insist! - Inner Pond 2002 Details Artist: We Insist! Title: Inner Pond Genre: Avant-prog Country: France Year: 2002 Quality: lossless Codec: flac Format: rar [flac image, cue, log] Full size: 323,19 MB Tracks: 12 Total Time: 53:05 Tracklist 01. For External Use...
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    French instrumental trio consisting of guitar, keyboards and drums/vibraphone. This band recalls Shylock, but with a lot more angularity and urgency, the rapid-fire changes in time-sig and tempo within the music take place at a near schizophrenic pace. On the first album, guitar-keyboard...