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IDM UltraEdit
UEStudio is a powerful editor for programmers and programming teams. This software is UltraEdit software of this company, UltraEdit was the software that was launched in 1994 for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms by IDM Computer Solutions.

This powerful editor includes many tools for programmers. Extras such as Macro support, advanced and custom highlighter syntax, code indent display, file conversion, project management, standalone word processor support for search and replacement, access to remote files via FTP, interfaces for different APIs, and various line commands. Command and ... are only part of the capabilities of this powerful editor.

UEStudio now comes with the same UltraEdit capabilities as well as embedded support from 30 well-known compilers including php, perl, c and ++ c ..., debugger and complex control source, built-in browser for classes, language intellisense, project converter, group objects and many features. It is no longer available to the programming community.

The existential philosophy of this software is based on the numerous requests of users in the UltraEdit product and now, with the support of the required capabilities of users, a perfect product is provided to programmers.

Features of UEStudio:
  • Supports 30 embedded compilers without the need to download lateral files
  • Support for bulky files
  • Having lots of beautiful themes with increased ability
  • Possibility to select and edit multiple and multiple locations in a file
  • Advanced search with support for regular expressions
  • Column and concurrent editing
  • Supports 4K and UHD screens like Apple Retina
  • Integrate FTP, SSH and Telnet for telecommunications
  • Full git support and integration with editors
  • Powerful and customizable user interface
  • And …
Required system:
  • Please note: The most recent version of UESutodio is not compatible with Windows XP.